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Edwin Castro – The Amazing Journey of a Powerball Billionaire


Edwin Castro

The 30-year-old Powerball Jackpot winner, Edwin Castro, recently purchased a home in Los Angeles for $25.5 million. He has a Net worth around $2 billion. According to the data of Zillow, The property was auctioned on the 1st of March 2023. The previous month, Castro became the lottery winner. He was awarded a lump sum totaling $997.6 million.

The property is advertised at 29.95 million dollars, and Castro is believed to have acquired it for less. While he hasn’t been in touch with the media, he did announce to the general people that he declared his joy and surprise at winning the lottery. However, he said that the public education system located in California was the real winner.

Quick Info 

Name             Edwin-Castro
Gender Male
Profession Known for Edwin Castro Lottery Winner, Media Face, and Businessman
Height (approx.)   5”9
Birth Place California, The United States of America
Nationality American
School Crescenta Valley High School
Educational Qualification Graduate 
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Marital Status Unmarried
Net Worth $1 Billion USD

Who is Powerball winner Edwin Castro?

Edwin, a resident in California, has attracted a lot of publicity in 2022 due to the $2 billion Powerball jackpot win. TMZ says he was a student at Crescenta Valley High School located in La Crescenta and grew up in Los Angeles. In his youth, the athlete played football and baseball and was an active Boy Scout, eventually attaining Eagle Scout rank. 

According to people who spoke to TMZ, the teen was a student at Woodbury University in Burbank to pursue a degree in architecture following his graduation from high school. At present, more details about Castro’s life aren’t available.

Edwin Castro road to becoming a billionaire

Castro’s meteoric climb to billionaire instantly began early in 2015 with his vast Powerball prize win. Despite the release of the winning numbers several months ahead, the tale continues to draw the world community’s interest.

The New York Post reports that, in February of this year, Castro made the considerable choice to sign the $997.6 million lump sum settlement, giving him millionaire status. His decision won him interest and admiration, highlighting his intelligent financial planning and desire for immediate financial freedom. With the choice of a single lump sum instead of the annuity that would have permitted Castro to divide his profits across several decades, Castro positioned himself for an accelerated accumulation of wealth.

Edwin was reportedly a Scout Boy.

Two photos featuring a boy scout and a man in uniform, potentially Edwin Castro, a Scout Boy
Edwin was reportedly a Scout Boy.

According to online sources, Edwin participated in sports and was an active Boy Scout in high school. In the years following his early childhood at home in Los Angeles, he attended Crescents Valley High School in La Crescenta, California. Then, he enrolled in Woodbury University to earn a master’s degree in architectural design. Additionally, he played in both football and baseball throughout the time he was in high school.

Close to the secondary school he attended, Joe’s Service Center was where Edwin Castro picked up the lottery ticket. In the wake of the Power Ball winner and the purchase of his Hollywood Hills estate, which has various facilities.

The mansion has 14000 square feet of living area, built-in 0.58 acres of terrain. Apart from seven bathrooms and five bedrooms, the house includes an outdoor pool and a fireplace. There is also an outdoor motor court with seven garages and a fitness center. It was constructed around 2022 by Roman James, and the residence has a height of about three stories. The main living space, a fireplace, and a kitchen are located at the top of the level.

The lawsuit is filed against Edwin Castro.

In the San Francisco-based company in February 2023, Jose Rivers initiated legal action against Castro and claimed that Castro was the one who stole his ticket. Rivers claimed that the ticket was stolen from the same spot on the 7th of November, 2022.

In the case, the ticket was allegedly stolen by a person identified as “Reggie,” who subsequently told Rivers that he could only give the item back on condition that Rivers split the prize equally. But Jose apprised the California Lottery of the incident and demanded an investigation before declaring the winner. According to the suit, Reggie and Rivers are separate individuals, but the method by which they are involved in the theft remains a mystery.


1. Who is Edwin Castro’s lottery winner?

He is an American citizen and lottery winner.

2. How old is Edwin?

He is 30 years old.

3. Where is Edwin Castro from?

He is from California, The United States of America.

4. Why is Castro renowned?

 He was renowned for Edwin Castro’s Powerball lottery Winner.

5. Why is Castro so Famous?

He is famous for winning the Powerball Lottery.

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