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Georgia Kreischer Bio – Personal Life, Career and Net Worth


Georgia Kreischer

Georgia Kreischer is a well-known child because she’s the daughter of famous comedy couple Bert Kreischer and LeeAnn Kreischer, both of whom are well-known in the field of entertainment. From the time she came into this world, the prominent daughter was the centre of attention.

As she is the child of two well-known people, Many people are keen to learn about her background, beginning with her childhood. Now that Georgia is 18 years old, there will questions about her romantic relations.

Let’s explore Bert’s daughter Georgia’s family history and uncover the mysteries surrounding Georgia’s past.

Quick Facts 

Full name    Georgia Kreischer
Gender  Female
Date of birth  8 June 2004
Georgia kreischer age 18 years old (as of February 2023)
Zodiac sign  Gemini
Place of birth  Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  White
Religion  Christianity
Height in feet  5’5’’
Weight  123 pounds 
Hair colour Brown 
Eye colour  Brown
Relationship status  Single
Father  Bert Kreischer
Mother   LeeAnn Kreischer

Personal Life

LeeAnn, as well as Bert Kreischer, welcomed their famous baby girl in Los Angeles, California, USA. The baby was born in the United States and identified as white. Georgia’s older sister, Ila, was always there to support her. Ila Kreischer is an acclaimed actress who appeared in the TV series created by Bert Kreischer, The Cabin, in 2020.

Bert, the father of Georgia Kreischer, is a well-known actor and was in numerous films and television shows, including “Prepare to Meet Thy God” (2001) and “The Shield” (2004, “Alpha Mail” 2007). Bertcast, the weekly comedy podcast that is part of the All Things Comedy network, is produced and hosted by Bert.

He also hosts his podcasts, 2 Bears and 1 Cave, alongside fellow comic Tom Segura and Bill Bert, together with comedian and actor Bill Burr. Where My Moms At? (2019), The Cabin featuring Bert Kreischer (2020), and Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco (2021) are only the names of Georgia’s mom’s self-credited credits in TV and film.

How old is Georgia Kreischer? 

Georgia made her debut to the world on the 8th of June, 2004 in the town of Los Angeles, California. The public was introduced to her when she was just a few years old because of her position in the family of comedy guru Bert Kreischer and the actress LeeAnn Kreischer. Her being born into a famous Bert Kreischer family gained instant publicity from the media, as well as an interest from the public at large.


Georgia Kreischer, LeeAnn Kreischer’s youngest child, just completed her high school education and has been awarded numerous honours throughout. In contrast, Bert Kreischer daughter hasn’t revealed details about her future career or professional experience. She is focusing her attention on schoolwork. She is also considering making an application to a variety of universities.

In contrast, she has parents who both were employed in the industry of entertainment while she was growing up. There are a number of speculations out there in which she was contemplating working within the same industry. At this time, it’s too early to know which career path she’ll actually choose. Whatever the case, we are hoping that the coming years bring nothing but happiness and prosperity for her.

Georgia Kreischer’s net worth 

Georgi has rich parents. However, it needs to be clarified how much wealth they hold in the name. Her mother is worth $500,000, and her father has a value of $14 million, according to various reports. Kreischer is currently in school, which means she is not able to pursue a job. When she’s in a position to help, she is able to assist her dad. On his travels, she assists by running backstage as well as attending to her father in any way she is able to.

Georgia’s Father Used to Take the Family on Tour.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the artistic ambitions of her father and his motivations for achievement, Georgia Kreischer accompanied him during his tour. It was interesting to watch the artist in a completely new setting. When Bert Kreischer daughter became more aware of her father’s work, the team he worked alongside, and the amount of effort needed to complete the job that was being accomplished, she realized the fact that she was experiencing something unique.


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 The participant was a part of the event and remarked on her enjoyment. During their stay of a week, Bert Kreischer daughter and her friend Daisy observed firsthand the difficult labour that goes into the making of the show that her father created for television. Based on their fitness monitors, they exercised a lot more than they anticipated at the time.

The pair admitted that they regularly did not sleep enough on bus tours, and they often struggled to get up at the crack of dawn. However, they often received praise for their dedication to work. Georgia Kreisher always saw Bert Kreischer as her boss. The woman let it be known that he was always the victim. There was a slight increase in difficulty at work than it was at home. However, that wasn’t the only different thing.


There is no doubt that the attention of the world has been focused on Georgia Kreischer, the daughter of famed comic Bert Kreischer and actress LeeAnn Kreischer from the time she was just a baby. Bert Kreischer daughter has been a part of the glittering glare of the entertainment business since her birth. The journey she has taken is extraordinary, even for a young person. She just celebrated turning 18 years old, but she graduated high school with distinction and travelled all over the world with her father.

Although Georgia’s job objectives are in the air, she is able to look forward to an exciting future. Her family is a happy one to support her, as well as numerous doors that can be opened within the world of entertainment, and she could choose to follow in her parents’ path or make her own. There is no doubt that she can succeed as an entertainment professional, having experienced the exhausting traveling schedule.

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