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What does red heart mean on snapchat?


What does red heart mean on Snapchat

Snapchat users will be familiar with the tiny emoticons beside their friend’s names on the message tab. Are you familiar with Snapchat’s emoticons? Have no dread! We are always here to help. We’ll help you understand What does red heart mean on Snapchat, so that you can better interact with your friends.

What does red heart mean on Snapchat

The Snapchat red heart icon next to the name of a Snapchat user means you’ve been best friends with that person for at least two consecutive weeks. The red heart in Snapchat will be displayed next to the Best Friend’s name on their Snapchat Chat page.

You can find out who your “Best Friends” are if you don’t know Snapchat. It is usually the person you have exchanged the most Snaps or messages with. You have been the most active on Snapchat with this person for two consecutive weeks.

Remember that while you may have many Best Friends, only the top one will display a heart in red. Snapchat’s Best Friends List is updated with all the latest information.

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What to do if you want someone’s best friend on Snapchat

Snapchat allows you to become a friend of someone with just a couple of Snaps or texts. Spend enough time on our website chatting to someone, and you might become the best friends and will be shown best friend emojis on snap.You might not send Snaps or messages to anyone else if you are trying to be best friends with someone. Snapchat will then know you are chatting exclusively on Snapchat with your friend and display the appropriate emoji.

Snapchat’s Other Emojis Meanings

Below are some explanations of Snapchat emojis.

What does the yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

If you use the same yellow heart, this Snapchatter and you are best friends. It’s the person you have shared the most pictures and probably the most intimate details about your life with. The yellow heart on Snapchat beside someone’s name means that the two of you are close friends same as the red heart on Snapchat.

Baby Emoji

Snapchat uses the baby emoji to show that you are friends with another user. A baby emoji appears next to the name of a Snapchat friend when you first add them.

After a certain period, the baby emoji is replaced with another Snapchat icon representing your relationship.

A collection of baby emojis displaying various facial expressions.
Baby Emoji

The burning emoji

You will see a flame emoji next to your name if you’re currently on a Snapstreak. The emoji only appears after snapping for three consecutive days.

A burning emoji, symbolizing fire, depicted on a white background
The burning emoji

One hundred emoji

Instead of the Fire icon on the 100th Day of Snapstreak, you will see the One Hundred Emoji. Congratulations!

Hourglass emoji

When the hourglass icon appears next to your friend’s Snapchat name, you know that Snapstreak will end. Snapstreaks are created when two Snapchatters have been Snapchatting together for several days. To maintain your Snapstreak, you must communicate with each other at least one time per day.

The conclusion of the article is:

If someone uses a heart-shaped emoji, that means you are the #1 best friend of that person for the last two weeks. Snapchat considers “Best Friends” the users you have exchanged most Snaps with. Snapchat allows you to brag about the best friends that you have. what does red heart mean on Snapchat? The emojis can enhance Snapchat by giving users an understanding of how they relate with friends.

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