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Instagram Reels Vs. Story – What’s the Difference?


Instagram Reels Vs. Story

Instagram Reels, as opposed to the story, is an apparent contrast that many social media platform users are unable to understand. Standard methods to increase engagement and share videos with your audience include both. Despite their similarity in their scope, Instagram Stories and Reels are pretty different.

Various audiences are active on the platform, corresponding to different buyers in the sales funnel. It is essential, therefore, to understand the differences Instagram Reels Vs. Story and how to incorporate them effectively within the social strategy you have in place.

Instagram Reels Vs. Story: Definitions 

What are Instagram Stories?

While the two, Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels are shorter-form videos, they have some distinct differences. Instagram Stories is a social media platform that lets users upload various media for up to 24 hours. They appear by tapping your profile photo.

People can respond to your story by direct messages. They can also ” like ” and share their stories with friends via direct messages. The entire conversation is private, meaning that responses, reactions, and “likes” to your posts aren’t visible to anyone else.

What is an Instagram reel?

An Instagram Reel is a short, 9:16 style video that mimics the format of TikTok. Most Reels are created according to a specific design that follows trends in the viral world, which may include humorous routines or narratives of popular sound clips. Alternatively, you may debut exclusive behind-the-scenes material.

Reels can be shared, commented on, and liked by users. Publishers can also permit modifications to Reels, allowing viewers to apply their own creative interpretations to the particular Reel Instagram. These interactions are conducted publicly, allowing other users to view who is commenting and liking your Reels.

Instagram Reels vs. Story: What’s the difference?


The capabilities for modifying videos of Instagram Reels surpass the capabilities of Instagram Stories. Reels allow the merging of several segments into one video and seamless transitions with an aligner tool. Furthermore, the playback rate used in Reels can be adjusted, the playback speed of the Reel can be changed, and the original audio can be transferred. Timers may be created to ensure perfect segments.

Although Instagram Stories does not provide the capability to combine footage, it offers an array of decals that will enhance your Story’s interactiveness. For example, IG Reels vs. Story use the same effects for augmented reality cameras and embellishments. In addition, Instagram Reels allow for extended use times because of the length limitations.

Specific Formats

Although Instagram Stories are presented as video snippets, users aren’t limited to creating content using only videos. In addition, collages of photos, static images, or any other content from your feed could be integrated into your story. Storyful creation of accounts and their publication is suggested due to the flexible nature of story-making.

Reels are only video-based. In an attempt to combat TikTok, Instagram prohibits low-effort slideshows as well as images with text. In contrast to Stories, Reels do not need to be created daily despite their greater production demands. But try to produce one or two IG reels each week.

Instagram Reels Vs. Story: Video Length

For accounts with special permissions for particular statements, an Instagram reel cannot exceed 90 seconds. According to their preferences, normal Instagram users can create segments that are 15, 30, 60, or 15 minutes in duration. However, Instagram stories impose a 15-second limit on the video’s time. The images you post on your account are limited to a maximum length of seven seconds. So, if you’d like to upload long content, Instagram reels are the ideal solution since they let you display your content in its entirety and are not limited to Instagram stories.

An audio track

Regarding the emphasis on audio in Instagram stories, you can imagine that the story’s sound may comprise audio recordings of the music collection. However, Instagram reels allow users to incorporate music tracks from their library or record their voice as the primary audio component. You can create an audio experience that is more personalized using reels. However, the narratives place a limit on the focus of audio.


The addition of Instagram Reels to a client’s profile is possible. In addition, they’ll be visible on “Reels” and remain visible in the “IG Reels” option until deleted. But Instagram Stories have a 24-hour lifespan from the moment they’re published. This increases the Reels feature’s potential for advertising evergreen content. Then save your Insta story to your device’s storage or convert it into highlights to save it. These will be visible under the description of your user profile.

User Engagement

In Instagram Reels Vs. Story, the tools for public engagement on Reels enable social interaction, the one-on-one interaction opportunities offered by explicit messages available on Stories permit deeper conversations with the members of your community. Both forms of engagement have significance. Consequently, it is your choice to choose which one to prioritize in your marketing strategies.


Since the goal of stories is capturing brief moments, this app does not allow the storage of revisions. But you can conveniently create your Story, the application, and schedule it to be published on so published media with SocialPilot’s scheduling software. You can automate the scheduling and publishing of your content using SocialPilot to boost the number of followers and reduce time.

It is possible to return to unsolved IG Reels anytime by saving them as prototypes in the application. This allows collaboration and pre-publication screening on Reels.

Instagram Reels Vs. Story – Viewers are Engaged

Because stories are only available to your subscribers, any attempt to engage with many Instagram users will not succeed. However, Stories help with the genuine engagement they create for a small group of people. It is possible to initiate polls, post questions, sell products, and much more. When you incorporate your direct messages, you can generate incredible engagement with your followers. This can be highly beneficial in improving conversions, collecting data, and fostering engagement.

But, since Reels are public, their interactions are also made public. Active user stories, regardless of follower status, can participate in discussions, including likes, labels, and sharing content, as well as other activities. IG Reels can be used as stories to boost the engagement of users. Therefore, the possibility of engagement increases as your posts reach a wider reach.

Caption & Hashtag

Reels on Instagram provide greater accessibility in terms of captions and hashtags. Instagram slideshows can include full captions with up to 30 hashtags. This is sufficient to meet the requirements for Instagram users. However, this is not the case for Instagram stories, only ten hashtags are allowed with no captions. It isn’t possible to create a distinct caption for the stories. However, captions are added using the Text feature. So, reels will be an excellent choice for someone who loves captions and hashtags.

Strict time constraints

The two Instagram Reels Vs. Story can be appropriate for the timely delivery of information. Reels, which aren’t just distributed to subscribers, employ an algorithm that is virally friendly and emphasizes the importance of being up-to-date. Furthermore, research has shown that posting at the right time for both Instagram and YouTube will significantly increase users’ engagement. Integrate your unique compositions and designs you see others using to make them more popular.

The editing process

The editing process is the main Keypoint between Instagram Reels Vs. Story The discussion will end with revisions. When recording and creating edits for Instagram segments, you can choose from many ways to trim and align your footage to one another. You can also accelerate your reels to create an exciting slow-motion effect or slow them down to make an impact of slow-motion.

In addition, you can also include a timer on your reels. However, the editing capabilities for Instagram’s stories are limited to effects from cameras, filters, and layouts. Applying filters to join photos using Layout options is only possible, and adding decals is offered. Like Reels, however, you aren’t given the ability to decrease the size, align, or apply different effects and many more effects to your videos.

Instagram Reels Vs. Story Conclusion

With the constant development of this social media ecosystem, companies and brands must know which platforms have the most reliable engagement opportunities. Effective instrument, Instagram Reels vs. Story, can assist marketers in 2023 in getting their message to the right users and generating videos that speak for themselves.

Although both options offer distinct advantages, utilizing an expertly planned approach and creative concepts could lead to remarkable levels of engagement from users. Although further research is required, it’s reasonable to believe the possibility that Instagram stories and Reels are incredibly compelling when used in a manner that is appropriate by experienced users.

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