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Guide to Play free online unblocked games at Totally Science


Totally Science is a free unblocked games site that provides everything from Minecraft and Monkey Mart. We also have a proxy that lets you block any website you want and use it. YouTube Tectonic Disk Card Go for it If you talk about the foundation of Total Science, it was laid in 2021 but only got a big foundation in January 2022. 

Totally Science aims to provide students with the most fun experience possible. To provide those who need a break we have free games and every month more than 200 thousand gamers from all over the world play their favourite games on Total Science. They are accessible for play on school computers or networks notwithstanding restrictions imposed by the school’s IT department. These games can usually be played by accessing them through a proxy server or VPN, or by visiting such websites.

What gives the attraction of unblocked games?

When it comes to students, students love unblocked games because they can play whatever they want. Unblocked games are free to play and competing with other students and trying to set those scores is a waste of time. A great way to do this is that all the games on Totally Science are fast to load, no need to download, and you can play for free by visiting their website.

What exactly are unblocked games?

Unblocked games are games that ignore filters and block protocols set by network administrators, meaning gamers can access games from anywhere, including at work and on public Wi-Fi networks, like coffee shops or libraries etc.

How can I find unblocked games to play?

We can find unblocked games to play by visiting numerous websites and web mixes that provide a range of free online games. Among these websites are

On a site like totally you can play unblocked games anywhere. You can visit any website but you must have Wi-Fi. There are many similar websites where you can easily enjoy unblocked games.

Which to unblock gaming on school computers

Unblocked games at school or purely science blogs refer to video games that are accessible for play on school computers or networks despite being banned by the school’s IT department. Games can usually be played on any server or by accessing them through a VPN or by visiting such websites.

For those who host games that are not blocked by the school network, it is important to note that access to these games violates school policies and may lead to action. That is why it is very important to understand and follow any rules set by the school.

What proxy?

When it comes to what a proxy is, a proxy is a tool that allows you to bypass the filters and blocking protocols set by your network administrator and view the website you want to visit. Makes it easy to access any website blocked at school or work All you have to do is visit Total Science, click Proxy, then choose which site you want to use. 

Totally science app

totally Science offers a web proxy service for many popular applications including YouTube, Discord, Google, TikTok, Twitch, Spotify, Mathew, Netflix, GuideHub, and others.

Totally science login

The login process of Totally Science is given as follows

  • First, go to the Google browser
  • Visit website
  • Go there and enter your username and password.
  • Visit the game categories and select the game you wish to play.
  • Wait for the game to load before you start playing.

There are multiple popular games on Totally Science.

  • Minecraft
  • Monkey Mart
  • Geometry Dash
  • Cluster Rush
  • Bit Life
  • 1v1 LOL
  • Bob the Robber 2
  • Slope
  • Drift Boss
  • Basketball Stars
  • Pixel Gun 3D
  • Basket Random
  • Moto X3M
  • Death Run 3D
  • Tactical Assassin 2
  • Pac-man
  • Bubble shooter
  • Tetris
  • Super Mario
  • Roblox
  • chess

The most popular category of totally science is given as follows

  • Car games
  • action games clicker Games
  • sport games
  • running games shooting games
  • hot games
  • Crazy
  • totally
  • Historical
  • mathstudy


Totally Science was created in 2021 and has a global user base of over 250 thousand gamers. The site is famous among students who enjoy unblocked games because they can play whatever they want, without limitations and for free.

Many academic and professional institutions restrict access to certain types of websites and online content to promote focus and productivity without potentially harming users. Avoiding Inappropriate Content One of the types of websites that are commonly blocked are gaming websites. These may include popular browser-based games, online gaming platforms, and game-related forums and communities.

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