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What does BSDK means? Is this a thing?


BSDK means

What is bsdk full form?

Bsdk means ‍ BioLink Software Development Kit.

BioLink SDK (Software Development Kit) is a comprehensive full-featured set of programming interfaces and mathematical algorithms that enable developers to implement biometric identification functionality into new and existing solutions. BSDK application programming interface supports C/C++/.NET C#, VB and Delphi.

BSDK is compliant with other BioLink solutions, including all fingerprint scanners of the BioLink U-Match family and automated multi-biometric information system BioLink AMIS.

The bsdk meaning is fully compliant with major industrial standards and can be used for developing applications running on Win32, WinCE and Linux operating systems. The SDK works with the majority of fingerprint scanners with USB and Ethernet interfaces (standalone and embedded models) and comes with a powerful built-in server for ultra-fast processing of fingerprint scans.

BioLink SDK dramatically facilitates the development of applications using fingerprint scanning: authentication systems, POS identification and physical access control systems, time and attendance software and transaction systems of different types. The use of BioLink API allows the developer to focus on the core functionality of the product being developed and save time and effort of building a fingerprint authentication system from ground up.

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